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Any home remedies for teeth whitening? Peroxide - swish it agound and be sure to spit it out! idk.. a toothbrush!! gahaha,,,,,,,, or one of those white strips thingys that you can but for similar to 30 bucks,,, lol Try a mixture of baking soda and peroxide. Might taste nasty but I remember...Any home remedies on making teeth whiter? try baken soda its adjectives ways helped me have the best smile contained by the room,and flosing after every meal. Not really sure on home 'treatment', because your teeth are always detectable and I wouldn't want to reccomend something that mind end up turning...Any home remedies on whitening your teeth? my teeth are starting to turn yucky color. I cannot afford to go to the dentist. I bought the crestwhitestrips but they hurt my teeth BADLY. thanks First of all fashion sure you are brushing them 2-3 times a day. Be careful what mouthwash you use as...Any home remedies to produce your teeth whiter? Some people try to use baking soda or charcoal mixed with tooth smooth mixture or something Ive tried baking soda and lemon juice and it helped whiten it for a while Yes there is a home remedy. I found it on this website.. I hold used...Any home remedies to whiten teeth?? im broke. thanks Home Remedies Reduce intake of coffee and quit smoking. Improve dental hygiene by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly. Having a complete dental cleansing by a professional dentist every 6 months are also advisable. Avoid food and beverages that contain too much...Any home remedies to whiten teeth? Baking soda, use it as a toothpaste. Hiya, Rub the inside of a banana skin onto your teeth, and after a week or 2 you will see results gaurenteed. Also mixing bicarbinate of soda near your toothpaste works to, don't forget to rinse your...Any home remedys for white teeth? If you want to create your teeth darker, smoke tobacco. (The question be for a remedy for white teeth - tobacco will fix that.) Hydrogen peroxide does the trick. Soldiers in WWII used it as a mouth dust and were surprised to find that it...Any home remidies to assist mi teeth receive a tad whiter ive get really sickly teeth i brush 2 a hours of daylight and i hold? fluride treatments monthly and i have gum disease i need mi gaw realined to straghten mi teeth but they articulate they wont till there up to tip top help...Any home uk recipe for whiting my teeth (cheap and glibly found)? please Take Hydrogen Peroxide and place contained by your mouth for about 5-10 minutes, That is the active ingredient contained by tooth whitening products. the best article you could do is once and awhile use baking soda, just dont over use it cause...Any homemade tips for white teeth? Rub the rind of lemon. Its mild bitter should be helpful. Add baking soda to your toothpaste, or you could buy Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda Toothpaste. brush them rub coffe grains on your teeth consequently after your done doing that rub as much green tea powder.....Any household methods besides baking soda or peroxide to whiten teeth? just go to wal mart and capture their generic brand teeth strips ...they work as good as crest there are whitening toothpastes available but the ancient aboriginals of australia used to use charcoal to verbs their teeth. another alterntative is eating apples. the...Any immediate solution to sensitive teeth due to whitening? I'm dying right now! I even used Flourine solution! it actually made it worse! I quality like my teeth are going to fall! help out! You can try Sensodine Toothpaste, but a glorious concentration of fluoride works great. sensodyne tooth fasten is the best!!...Any info or opinion around teeth whitening specificallly "ZOOM" ? i perform zoom treatments at our organization and have had great results.. 400 mg of ibuprofen is recommended 1 hr prior to the procedure the biggest plus to zoom is almost instant results. 1 hr and tadaaah!! whiter teeth vs....Any method to whiten teeth that be discolored from antibiotics as a child? It has just other bothered me. The dentist says veneers are adjectives he knows of. My teeth aren't gross or anything just that partially my front two teeth are really white and the rest of my teeth are a few shades...Any moral teeth whitening products that work, but arent too expensive?? I actually found that the Listerine White mouth wipe made a slight difference in the few days I started using it. I believe it costs about five bucks but its no more next seven thats for sure. I've continued using...Any one know of a reeeally right teeth whitener that doesnt cost $800!? since i was little ive always considered necessary perfect white teeth but ive since priced getting my teeth whitend professionally and it varies around $800 and even the dentists speak doesnt last more then a month, ive tried the little kit that...Any opinion how much would it cost to receive my teeth whitened or bleached? I would like to get my teeth whitened. People who done it until that time, is it worth to get it done at the doctors office or at home? How much will it cost, I live within Washington state area. ...Any passageway to cart meticulousness of specific tooth stains minus bleaching? my teeth are fairly white but one tooth has a bit of a stain on it, anyway to whiten this tooth out specifically minus bleaching? Brushing with baking soda at night after rinse with hydrogen peroxide in the morning it help remove stains. It...Any polite teeth whiteners? daily baking soda scrubbing is valid cheap. aloha taz If your teeth are a bit stained from food, coffee, whatever...Rembrant toothpaste works fairly in good health. It lightened my teeth. But, I want to say a dentist told me not to use it for extended period of time. Crest white...Any proposal on tooth whitening? Hey guys I really want to get my teeth whitened but don't want to get ripped past its sell-by date! Is it best to go to the dentist or do home kits work newly as effectively? What is a decent price to pay? Any proposal would be gratefully appreciated! :)...Any reason why my teeth sometimes enjoy some white on the margin? Sometimes i will find that some of my teeth have a little bit of white on the creep, but most of the time they're all one shade. This isn't anything that i feel is crucial, i'm in recent times curious.. its plaque...just brush...Any recommendation for teeth whitening? Am looking to get my teeth whitened profesionally, just want to know of any technique or clinic that have worked for anyone? Live in Southampton area. Am start on to any cheaper recommendations, have be told of bi carb? Go to ebay, lower than health,then tooth whitening. Check out...Any recommendation on how to whiten teeth after antibiotics spell? I used to take a LOT of antibiotics as a kid, and apparently, it has stained my front tooth. I own tried using Whitening Strips, but all that does is whiten everything else, which only make the stain show up more. Any suggestions?...

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