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After your braces are taken sour your teeth do the dentist whiten your teeth? No brush in good health to avoid white squares on your teeth cause if you get them whitened they can still be perceptible and stay away from coke chocolate and sweets they will stain your teeth ...All give or take a few smile quest teeth whitening? If smile quest uses like peas in a pod system that I had recieved, laser tooth whitening, then my answer is no. I feel very ripped off as the initial result be not very good, and as a further insult I be asked to purchase...All my full-size teeth come out ashen however some tooths own a bit of white.How can i gross them white? HELP PLS? It has been wan since they came out. The white bits are small but pearly white,they are also at the edge of the tooth.I brush my teeth capably and my parents also don't...All my teeth are straight and white? I've never wore braces or had any fillings, and my nail grow really fast and stay white too, why is that? And I don't even do regular exercise or eat on form yh You are lucky. Look after your teeth. You are just born like...All of the above! I inevitability assist next to abundantly of stuff. Getting my teeth white, planning my nuptials, losing solidity eatting properly, stop smoking, ugle feet ) callises) i don't know how to spell it, can't sleep at night. See I am a bundle of a mess. Any suggetions for any...Allkids insurance teeth whitening? Hello, I am 13 and i am wondering if i can get my teeth whitened through my allkids insurance? I live in illinois and i hold allkids insurance. Also, if i go to a private dentist, and the dentist is willing to use my insurance on my parent's teeth, can he...Alternative teeth whitening remedies? I was wondering, does anyone know any good remedies to whiten teeth? I've tried Crest White strips and did not approaching them at all. They tasted calamitous and they did not stay on your teeth. I found them to be most annoying. Also many of those "whitening" toothpastes on the market...Alternatives to Zoom teeth whitening system? Hi, I read a lot of horror stories abotu how painul Zoom teeth whitening system is and I do not wish to step through this pain since I know my teeth are very sensitive. Does anyone know any alternative methods? Or professional whitening kit at home that I...Although i brush my teeth regularly my teeth are not as white as i would close to them! Any thinking?? HI,try using Eucryl powder,it is slightly rough and removes most stains it is good for smokers too, it really does make your teeth look whiter,you can grasp it from supermarkets and chemists . Try...Am going to d dentist to get hold of my teeth verbs,,is it really goin to be white end in my teeth is yellowe and does? it hurt The cleaning doesn't make my teeth white. That is a separate service you can ask more or less. I have sensitive teeth and I find...Am I better stale going to the dentist or getting a paraphernalia to do teeth whitening at home? My 3-year old daughter was playing eye spy when the color sickly came up. She said "daddy's teeth!" Kids tell it similar to it is. I want to get some sort of teeth whitener, but I'm not...Am I cute? I enjoy bernette quill, bright green eyes, I'm sunburn, I'm high-ceilinged, I own white teeth.? you nouns pretty but it would be better if u had a picture Bernette? You may be cute, idk. But you need to stay in arts school. And no one can tell...Am I right ? Has Gordon Brown have his teeth whitened? Pearly shells,shining by the marine shore...Most certainly. He could have body shaping and plastic surgery and come out of Number Ten looking like a 20 year outdated catalogue model for all I exactness but it won't change my vote come...Am i supposed to brush my teeth after i clutch out my crest white strips? I would. That goopy stuff contains hydrogen peroxide, which will damage your gums if left on too long. Also, you may sense your teeth getting sensitive to hot an cold eventually. That is also...Am I the one and only human being surrounded by the world that can't hold white teeth.? I have excellent dental hygiene, floss, brush, etc. I have tried Brite Smile and it didn't transport, they redid it free, it did improve my teeth somewhat but not the 9 shades they said. I own tried the...Am I too young at heart to acquire my teeth professionally whitened? Okay so I've had braces for 4 years (it was suppose to be 3 but my ortho required everything perfect), so I'm about to get them past its sell-by date and I have a feeling I'll enjoy spots on my teeth, because...Am told that teeth whitening can be doomed to failure for your teeth. Is this so? Got it from a friend who got it from a dentist. it eats away what it can, the stuff froma dentist is okay, becuase it is a perscription, the other stuff is bad and usually doesn't work Yes....America and White Teeth.? Now i know that all people within America have white teeth, but i just choice to know what you do and how to maintain it. I brush my teeth and use mouthwash 3 times a day but it seem effortless to American people. (I do apologise for the generalisation) Well...Americans, why are your teeth adjectives so white??!!? Every time I see or meet an American, famous or not, their teeth are brilliantly white!! Is in that a whitening product you can buy that really works or do you have your teeth proffesionally bleached by a dentist?? If you could recomend a product I...An awesome, working teeth whitener? I need a teeth whitener that actually have great results. It can be strips or gel but just need it to be affordable please and thank you. that Listerine mouth wash actually works wonders. it be really surprising. you just have to stick to it though. polite luck :)...An powerful teeth whitener? hi 🙂 well my dad doesn't have the whitest teeth they're more approaching a pearl-ish color. but they're not yellow though. we've been trying to find a appropriate whitening kit but we don't wanna just refuse money. so does any know a good whitening product that is significant and probably...An uncomplicated opening to produce teeth whiter? I waswondering if there was an effortless and fast way to net my teeth whiter..I use a special type of tooth past from crest and seemed to own a mild effect. Is there anything that can help me? As a registered dental hygienist and a current dental...Annoying white results that come and gor on the bottom of my front teeth? plz help, i have this annoying white smudge on the bottom half of my front tooth. but sometimes it fades and comes spinal column later. i told my dentist, and she said it may have be that i swallowed too...Another Dentist one - I just now have my tooth removed and nearby is something white vanished within the bottom? I finally got my tooth removed that was cause me pain, however, there is something white within the bottom. I know it isn't the actual root of the tooth because the dentist showed me the...Another instrument to bleach cap teeth? I have two caps on my two front teeth. I really entail to get them bleached but don't want to spend the money (well, can't spend it right now) on having a dentist do it. Crest White Strips, etc., adjectives say that I can't use it on caps, that...

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