Rspca welfare brand milk rejected by dairy farmers in India and the EU is a key step to improve the condition of children's lives, a report says.

The report by WWF said, "It is estimated that children from the poorest households in India suffer from st우리카지노unted growth and developmental delay, and suffer the highest rates of severe emotional and psychological distress in life."

It was the fourth time in less than six years that the IFAW has released a report on dairy farming, citing the fact that stunted growth is a serious problem in dairy farms, as well as the fact that "the impact on children is more likely to be higher and long term than adults".

The report notes that despite India's claims to be promoting milk welfare, the results of the 2015 National Milk Development and Supply Survey show that children under six years of age were stunted when compared with adults.

Faced with this evidence of poor milk supply, the IFAW also highlighted the fact that milk, the country's main crop, "remains one of the most neglected commodities, contributing to the extreme poor mental health of children".

The report also points out the fact that India's dairy industry still spends more than $30 billion per year on food marketing and distribution, often at the cost of their poor nutritional status and developmental outcomes. It found that the dairy sector is an investment that costs only a fraction of the total costs of development and public goods. This in turn can lead to high levels of poverty.

"This report makes it clear that many young children in India are living in appalling conditions. They suff더킹카지노er severe emotional and psychological di더킹카지노stress and have no hope of finding education or financial assistance to ensure their children's health and well-being," says IFAW Director-General Dr Richard Taylor.

"By providing the information that dairy farmers need, farmers can and can do better for their own children. Governments can follow the path of the world's largest milk producers who have the expertise and commitment to reduce the number of children in poverty and address mental health. "


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