Kerr admits to silly patching of his team and is on the verge of leaving after it comes to light that he and his teammates were underpaid.

The team will now be renamed the 'Mock Timbers Army'. But this isn't우리카지노 just about money. The new name and branding will come at a cost. Kerr will only be getting what he asked for: The first season's salary from his former club - $450,000. As far as his team's finances are concerned, it's not a bad deal, but it will add to a huge load of debts.

"This isn't just about money. This is about time management for us, because the only two-year contract we were given was two years," says Kerr, who left the team in the winter of 2015 to return to France to begin his coaching career. Kerr's team has now lost three league games since being더킹카지노 awarded the new name. The loss of season-ticket sales and sponsorship deals from the new team me바카라사이트ans the club only has $300,000 to spend on players. The coach isn't holding his breath.

"I've made no promises at all that we will be in the [first] season," Kerr tells The Sunday Times. "I know in my heart that we won't make it to the playoffs because of the financial problems we've inherited. We are already struggling because of players leaving on a free transfer or being paid way over what they were paid."

Kerr himself admits the team will get worse with the new team name as they will have to put pressure on him to get better. In March he told The Sunday Times: "For me personally it's harder, for me personally, than the last four or five years. I don't know where I'll be five or six years from now. At that point, it may still be good but it won't necessarily be the same team. I'm not sure how well I can manage this."


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