• Watts Power 22% Optimized Formula Offers the Same Whitening Power as 35%, without the sting...
  • Beware of Generic Imitations - Direct 2u Wholesale LLC is Authorized Distributor of Guaranteed Products
  • Includes A Watts Power Dental Tote. Sold to Dental Professionals World Wide.
  • See the Difference After Just 1 Application / MORE THAN 3 TIMES THE GEL COMPARED TO OTHERS
  • 2 - HUGE 10 CC Syringes = 80 applications / NO SMALL 3CC SYRINGES HERE...

Product Description
This 22% Watts Power White Optimized Formula offers the same whitening power as the 35% or stronger minus the sting. Simply wear this 10 minutes longer than the stronger formula to obtain the same results. Better for your teeth, easier on your gums... Whiten your teeth in half the time at home with this professional strength formula. 4-8 Shades Whiter in less than 20 days, GUARANTEED. 30 minutes or less per application. See the difference after just on application. ... More >>

Watts Power Professional 22% Teeth Whitening Gels for Sensitive Teeth- 2 Huge 10 Cc Gels Offer 35% Results, Without the Sting.

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