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Another teeth whitening interrogate.? Recently, I've been using hydrogen peroxide on my tooth brush to attempt in whitening my teeth. I'm farily unusual to this, and I've seen so many opinion that contradict each other. What I'd like to know, is if my technique is non-hazardous, or dangerous. I pour a small amount of HP...Another teeth whitening put somebody through the mill...? Alright so i want to get my teeth white of course. i do smoke heavily and i know that's horrible on my teeth and im trying to slow down. but i be at the grocery store today and was looking at the teeth whitening stuff. and was...Any accepted wisdom for teeth whitening lacking going to the dentist and not buying those strips? Now I know on this people have said to use the strips and different tooth paste and all, but this is not what I am asking for. I love tea, coffee, candy, and everything else that stains my...Any after effects of teeth whitening? I'm getting my teeth whitened (professionally, not bleached...not sure what it would be called outer then that lol). Has anyone have this done? What where your side effects if any? And was it a big difference? I own a concert the next day and I'm worried something like being...Any anyone one know a virtuous opening to whiten teeth? Does anyone know any HOME REMEDIES for whitten teeth? I heaed something ine time about hydr-peroxide. duliting it or somrthing... If anyone had any right ideas please let me know! I brush & floss at 3x year so my teeth are clean, but not...Any appropriate ways to whiten teeth please abet? are there any ways i can whiten my teeh without adjectives the paste im am thinking more of home remdies to whiten them that would be very afecctive please oblige crest white strips are fantastic. home remedies are baking soda or a whitening toothpaste. the...Any at home remedies for slimy skin or whiter teeth? Some to make from anything around the house. PS: do those mud masks next to mud from the "deep sea" or something like that if truth be told work? for oily skin i use proactiv and dove aesthetic soap, and for whiter teeth try brushing...Any at home remedies to trade name your teeth whiter? help?? Rinse beside diluted hydrogen peroxide. It tastes like crap, but it'll do it. toilet bleach with a cotton bud applied evenly to respectively tooth twice per day for 1 week done the trick for me. Keep doing it every 2...Any body know how to build teeth whiter? yea ii need help my teeth arent really really white and ii want them white any bosy know any things ii could try at my home to put together my teeth whiter tanks if yew answered my question:D peroxide (a small amount) and baking soda, it works...Any body no the best teeth whitener to use thats nifty? Crest whitestrips. crest whitning strips...about 10 days or rembrant 3 days crest white strips really work ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the crest night white strips but I can lone take about 3 days. My teeth find too sensitive....Any channel of whitening teeth but not forged white style? what method can whiten teeth but not super white where it seems bogus? not sure.. dont smoke or drink coffee if you mix baking soda and vinegar and use the paste to brush your teeth for 5 min.Do it twice a morning and your...Any cheater ways 2 whiten ur teeth? that actually works I used to use the whitening strips... DON'T DO IT. I've never had any problems beside my teeth, I just wanted them a bit whiter... no they did not similar to destroy my teeth or anything. But let me explain to you, I...Any concept how to achieve whiter teeth in need bleaching? Just It. Rinse after eating. Use "hurb teeth brushing stick ,like 'Ethiopian Mefakia'". Avoide sweets. Brush Your teeth more try brushing with baking soda. Colgate whitening You can't. Brush with baking...Any covert for teeth whiteners? what dentist use? i stop drinking soda, rarely drink coffee, i never smoke. tried all product toothpaste, polish next to baking soda, overnight application with solution. Yeah... I was going to utter peroxide, too, but las night I just bought for the first time Listerine WHitening, and that have...Any dentists here? What are some teeth whitening option? I keep hearing give or take a few Crest brand whitening strips. However, they also say that the doctor's "in office" procedure also works wonders. What are the pricing differences? What do you guys recommend? My teeth are not sickly, they are just not that...Any design for teeth whitening at home? As in something that could be found laying around the house. baking soda, for it is safe and is a key ingredient found in most Tooth Whitening Toothpastes. I use peroxide undiluted right out of the bottle and baking soda to make a paste. put...Any DIY methods that can bring in the teeth white? ans givens shld be tried and sucess. Try to cut down on the amount of dark colored soda you drink, or try to dink it through a straw. also you should get a whitening toothpaste and use crest whitestrips. =) hope it works. No...Any experiences next to Rio Teeth Whitening Smile Sensation? It is a magazine promotion and I am not sure if it is worth paying the lb40. On the other hand a dentist treatment is at least lb300. You get what you pay for on this one. I would at least ask your dentists...Any fitting whitening tooth paste? i clean my teeth 2-3 times a day. after meal. But they always seem a yellowey colour. iv tried loads of whitening toothpastes n they dont give the impression of being 2 work... any ideas?? Well i dont know if any whitening toothpastes but i do know that crest...Any foods that craft teeth whiter? r there any foods that make teeth whiter? I've other heard that strawberries do. In fact, within is a recipe for a strawberry paste out there somewhere. You use crushed/pureed strawberries beside baking soda. I remember using it a long time ago, but I don't know how to make...Any geat ways to whiten your teeth besides the Whitening Strips? I used to use Crest Whitening Strips and they worked great, but now I got a sharp twinge in my game that's unendurable when I use them. So now I'm afraid to use them. Are there any ways to whiten your teeth short...ANY GOOD IDEAS ON HOW TO GET YOUR TEETH WHITE AGAIN AFTER YEARS OF SMOKING MUST BE CHEAP PLEASE? Go to the dental school and get them profesionaly cleaned for subsequent to nothing. cheap is a relative term. You can buy those Crest White strips, they worked for me. since i've used...Any Good Ways of Whiting Teeth? I brush my teeth everyday but im teeth are kinda yellow do you know any good ways to whiten teeth?? Wash your mouth after every meal. And try not to put away acidic stuff. The old fashioned way be to rinse your mouth out with your first...Any guidance for tooth whitener? When i fell pregnant i had braces, which where removed after the 8th week of me mortal pregnant. I had them for 6 years! but now, i can't appear to get my teeth white whatsoever, pearl drops used to really work, but it seems resembling they aint now? They've been...Any hoe remedys for whitening teeth? i really like my teeth to be clean but i couldn't find my tooth brush for resembling 3 days and now my teeth have a air of yellow, i found my toothbrush but want to know other ways to whiten my teeth besides brushing or flossing, thans for any...

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