• Whitens Teeth 6 Shades in 3 Days
  • Clinically proven to not cause tooth sensitivity
  • Can be used as a refill for Luster 1 Hour White

Product Description
Zero Tooth Sensitivity Formula
Whitens Teeth 6 Shades in 3 Days
Zero Tooth Sensitivity
2 Steps To A Brighter Smile
Step 1: Accelerator Mouth Rinse; 6 fl oz (177 mL)
Step 2: Super Whitener; .34 fl oz (10 mL)
Luster Weekend Whitening System is independently clinically proven to whiten teeth 6 shades in only 3 days without causing any tooth sensitivity. The zero tooth sensitivity formula was invented by dentists and uses the same safe wh... More >>

Luster Weekend White Tooth Whitening System 1 set

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