I love these!!! FAQ Q:Is this safe for tooth enamel? The information in the box states: "Yes, Crest white strips advanced seal contains peroxide, the same enamel safe ingredient dentists use for tooth whitening." Q: Does it sting your teeth? I used the 14 day original white strips before and It did sting my teeth every now and then. With the advanced seal I haven't had any problems at all! Keep in mind, everyone's teeth sensitivity are different! Q:How long do you keep them on? 30 min/day. Recommended to use everyday Q: What does it taste like? Not yummy, yet not yucky!! I dunno, taste like teeth whitener. lol Q: How long does your teeth stay white after using crest? For me, i'm good for the rest of the year. The box says teeth whitening lasts for 6 months. Q: Do you brush your teeth before, or after? Brush afterwards Q: Do they work with braces? I wouldn't recommend them with braces! Once you get them off, you'll most likely have dark spots in the middle of your teeth Be sure to check your mail coupons!! Every now and then I see $10 or $15 off crest white strips!!

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