A beautiful smile can at times be the initial factor in drawing us to a significant other; it might well have been that which that in the very beginning attracted you to your current husband/wife? The vast majority of us would kill for a polished, gleaming smile, and that's why we are using home tooth whitening bleaching gels. Cheap off-the-shelf tooth whitening treatments quickly became increasingly popular as they are inexpensive and also claim that they will whiten your teeth in days.While we attempt to have sparkling white teeth like the actresses, actors and models we idolise on television and on the internet; we look past the not-so-cheap dental treatments, teeth implants and veneers and instead we go for quick-and-easy free teeth whitening kits.The "at home" approach is what attracts us to home tooth whitening treatments when we want our teeth whiting, as we would rather try and reverse the self-inflicted damage caused by smoking, drinking tea, red wine and irregular brushing within the comfort of our own homes and cross our fingers that it "does what it says on the tin".Do Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits "Do What They Say on the Tin"?Technically, YES. Just like a regular bleach, these gels whiten your stained teeth and can take a number of days to start to show significant changes. LogicallyIn essence, we can say that nearly all of the home tooth whitening kits are successful, because they all contain bleaching agents.Why Do People Use Cheap Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits?* Well-Priced and affordable for the average consumer* Start noticing changes in a number of daysWhat Are The Disadvantages Of People Investing In Cheap Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits?* Cheap and not as good as competing home tooth whitening treatments* Does not offer any free trial* Probably Requires you to keep a whitening tray or gum-shield inside your mouth for approximately 3 hoursOrder your supply of one of the best free teeth whitening treatments today. There are large selections of the most successful treatments that lead the pack when it comes to free teeth whitening and you can get them FREE of charge, all you pay is $3 - $4 for postage. Why spend money when you need your teeth whiting when you can whiten your teeth for free?

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