A teeth whitening system varies based on usage and effectiveness. A whitening system has different teeth whitening products as well as how they are used.


One whitening system may come with syringes and whitening trays. To whiten teeth with a tray, the gel inside the syringe is applied to the inside of the tray. The whitening system tray is then worn in the mouth on the teeth for a certain time period. The amount of time this teeth whitening system must be worn varies depending on the teeth whitening products in the gel. To whiten teeth, the tray must be worn for the full time period. If stronger teeth whitening products are used within the tray, then a shorter time is recommended for a person to wear the tray. One whitening system tray is worn for 2 hours while others are worn overnight.


Other products are used to whiten teeth. Another whitening system used involves the use of an LED light. This system comes with teeth whitening products of a 12% solution of hydrogen peroxide. This solution is applied to the teeth to whiten them. To speed up the process in how to whiten teeth, the LED light is used. This whitening system encourages the use of the LED light as people will see results much faster. The benefit to this whitening system is that it only takes a matter of minutes to whiten teeth.


One of the easiest teeth whitening products to use is the bleach pen. A pen that has products to whiten teeth is very easy to use. This pen can be used at any time of the day and anywhere. This whitening system is very versatile and compact. That means a person may use it anywhere when one wants to whiten teeth. Often a pen whitening system has an enamel boosting gel included.

Teeth whitening products come as a complete whitening system or can come as refill kits. The refill teeth whitening products include new syringes with bleaching products. The products are normally hydrogen peroxide.


To whiten teeth many people are searching for a top quality and effective teeth whitening system. This system must use the best teeth whitening products. BleachBright sells some of the most effective teeth whitening products on the market to whiten teeth. To see the products used to whiten teeth, go to www.BleachBright.com. This site is filled with important information about teeth whitening products.

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